".... Everyone and everything are my teachers...."

Grandfather - 1959

The Power of Story


This by far is one of the most powerful and often requested classes that I have ever taught. The power of this class is huge in scope, technique, wisdom and in the Way of the Spirit. In essence, as Grandfather said, “A story remembered has little power but a story relived opens the eyes and hearts of all those drawn into it.” It is a journey into the Way of the Coyote and Coyote teaching as well as having huge roots into the Way of the Spirit and Temples of the Soul coming together to make a very powerful connection between the story teller and the listener. Most of all it will give further insight and depth into the way the Grandfather and the Lineage taught, told stories and passed on knowledge. This class by far has always been one of my favorite classes because of the sheer magnitude of its teachings and wisdom.
Prerequiste: None

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