".... And your heart becomes the bridge, the doorway, the light...."

Grandfather - 1968

Behind The Scenes


This class is going to absolutely blow you away in its scope, context and most of all it’s Coyote Teaching. You all remember that I said that Grandfather was the one who designed not only the Standard Class but also the Advanced Standard, the Advanced Tracking & Awareness, the Way of the Scout and the Philosophy Workshop. He also gave a crude outline of what would be found in the Temples of the Soul Classes. It began with an open-ended question back before I hit my teens. He asked me that if I had just one week to teach people what would I teach them. The answer to that question went back and forth between us and after a few months the outline for the Standard Class was born. He then asked me if I had people for the second week what I would teach them and again as the weeks unfolded the Advanced Standard was born. And it followed with each of the classes until the first several levels of teachings at the Tracker School formed.

Yet this is only a small part of a larger story and Vision. During those discussions and in the years that followed that initial question, Grandfather laid out the foundation of the Way of the Coyote and how those teachings would spread through each class like a hidden tapestry of wisdom. Back several months ago, and with the encouragement of the Elders and Instructors here at the Tracker School, we came up with the idea of giving students deeper insights into the Way of the Coyote and the Spiritual guidance that is the power behind the teachings. After having not run a physical class for two years, I decided to lay the foundation of the Behind the Scenes class by having Dave video the Standard, the Advanced Standard and the Advanced Tracking and Awareness classes. He took countless hours of video, conducted interviews with the students the elders and the instructors about their interaction with the class and how the Spirit guided them in making decisions and the way they taught.

This class is truly going to be amazing in so many ways. It is not just for those of you who teach but for anyone who wants a deeper and more comprehensive insight in how to truly reach people. During the class I will go back and forth between the recorded session to the live online session where I can further explain and give insights into why things were taught in a certain way and most important the Way that the Coyote has so much to do with the overall wisdom of the class. This is so exciting for me because it will give you a clear look into Grandfather’s World and the way that he taught me and now I you. This class will absolutely amaze you and you will finally fully understand the various levels of Coyote teaching in your physical class that might have slipped by unnoticed. We’re going to have a blast with this one.

Prerequiste: None

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