".... If the 'end result' is empowered the journey there is empowered.... "

Grandfather - 1961

The Power of Physical Concentric Rings


During the Standard Class I only briefly cover the skill of understanding and identifying concentric rings. As I relive the story of “Go Ask the Mice” I explain to classes that contained in that story is a huge and quite complicated series of lessons that still last me till this day. Essentially to oversimplify the Power of Concentric Rings is, that nothing in nature can move without effecting everything else. It is much like dropping a stone into a quiet pond where there is the initial splash followed by concentric rings that move across the surface of the pond. Subsequently, nature is much like that pond where if a coyote moves a half mile away from where you stand, there is the initial splash of bird alarm calls, chipmunks, mice, and groundhogs that dive for their holes and squirrels dance and chatter from the treetops. Of course, animals outside of this initial splash react to the alarm calls and movements around the coyote and the rings of disturbances move further and further out. When these rings reach the ears of a trained observer, he knows exactly what originally caused the ring even though it may be a mile away.

This class is going to enter the magical world of concentric rings and how to identify them and understand the tapestry of the great animal internet. In several of my tracking cases the concentric rings have saved my life. Understand that a tracker is torn between the track and what lies ahead, and if I’m tracking a fugitive with sniper capabilities the situation could turn deadly very quickly. The Sacred communication of the concentric rings saved me so often from injury or death by warning me as to the whereabouts of the fugitive. More so the understanding of concentric rings and how to read them will open a vast arena of knowledge and make any journey into the wild places so much more intense.

I’m delighted to also welcome Jon Young to be one of my guest instructors during this class. Many of you know that Jon was my first student and I trained him the same way Grandfather trained me. His wisdom of bird language is staggering and will add a tremendous depth to the class. Both the Physical and the Spiritual classes are going to be among the finest and most extensive classes I’ve ever run. Your life will change quite dramatically with this new found wisdom.

Prerequiste: None

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