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Grandfather - 1968

Quieting The Beast


Grandfather said, “the mind is at once, our greatest enemy but also our greatest ally.” We all have this little voice in the back of our heads that will not shut up no matter what we are doing. It is a voice that is constantly yammering, critiquing, judging, analyzing, and defining where it becomes so oppressive and active that it often at times, completely removes us from reality, from life and fully living. It gets so bad at times that it completely controls our world. It becomes a beast that is not just the continuous yammering, but becomes so powerful that Rick and I jokingly called it the 600-pound gorilla.

In this class I’m going to teach you the many ways Grandfather taught me, to get control of the beast and diminish its power to a point where it moves from being the enemy part of our minds to that of our most trusted ally. You’ll find, just as I did, that by controlling and quieting the constant voice in our heads that we begin to see life so much clearer and purer. You’ll find that you actually will become more aware both spiritually and physically. You will also discover that by quieting this destructive part of our minds that we are less likely to sabotage ourselves. The self-analysis, personal criticism, doubts and insecurities that have always stood in your way will vanish. I know that you will ultimately cherish this class as one of the best healing methods that Grandfather ever taught.

Prerequiste: None

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