".... You are not what you think, but what you Believe...."

Grandfather - 1958

Surviving Pandemics and Coronavirus V


Given all that has happened since the last Pandemics IV online class, I feel it is essential to take the teachings a huge step further. The Pandemic of the COVID virus has become an ongoing distraction to the countless other things that are taking place locally and globally. I wasn’t sure if the last Pandemics online class would be the last, but so many of you have asked about the possibility of running the Pandemics V that I had to rethink my decision to end with Pandemics IV.

The class will go well beyond what we have covered in the previous four classes and address most of the concentric rings that the Pandemic has overshadowed. Not only will I continue with the teachings of Grandfather’s prophecies but I also want to address the urgency of learning new skills that will keep you and your loved ones safe. One of the main focus points of this class will be to teach you how to read the concentric rings and early warnings of not only the pandemic issues but also, all of the other things that Grandfather warned would come during these very troubled times.

The information, teachings and skills taught in this class are unique and very different than from what you have learned in the past four classes. Subsequently, this class will stand alone and be opened to everyone. Keep in mind that I will not review the past classes because I want to devote this time to teaching new skills I have planned. Also keep in mind that the class will run overtime by as much as an hour so plan accordingly. This will probably the last in the series and it is my vision and determination to throw a lot at you in the short time frame of the online class.

Prerequiste: None

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