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Grandfather - 1961

Granfather's Philosophy on Medicine and Healing


Originally, I was going to make this class part of the online class on Grandfather’s Philosophy on Aging but right away I realized that it is far too much to try and dovetail it into the Aging class. In fact, I’m going to have to add another half an hour per night to be able to cover all the teaching and elements I want to get across. The subject of Medicinal Herbs and Healing is such a broad and intense subject that I’m even wondering if a half hour added to the class per night is really going to give me enough time. In a way as I slowly put the finishing touches on this class, I may have to create a second class to cover everything but that remains to be seen as I finish up the outline.

This class dives deeply into the way Grandfather approached the Medicinal Herbs and subsequently the healing that would always follow. I’ll talk about the way Grandfather would use the Way of the Spirit to intensify and enhance the properties of healing in herbs and how each herbal medicine was exactly constructed as to what the individual patient needed. This is like no other class I’ve ever held dealing with Herbs for it will take you into realms of mixtures, compounds, tinctures and many others like never before. Even for those of you who are only mildly interested in the Herbal Medications this class will cause you to be obsessed with this very powerful part of Grandfather’s live and healing practices. After all, after the collapse the Medicinal Herbs and the Spiritual Intensification will be the normal path to healing, for all the man-made medications will become scarce.

Prerequiste: None

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