"To touch is to know"
"To touch is to understand"
"To touch is to live"
"To touch is to be"
"To touch is to heal"

Grandfather - 1958-1965

The Hidden Power Of The Spirit That Moves In And Through all Things


As many of you heard when you took the Emergency Preparation online class, Grandfather only began to expand on the power of “The Spirit” when I was 16 years old, meaning it was the last two years Grandfather and I were together. Certainly, he taught “The Spirit” in the early years, in fact that is one of the first lessons he taught me but then after a year he abandoned that teaching and moved onto Journeys into the Spiritual realities and the Temples of the Soul. One of our first journeys into “The Spirit” was what we called the “Force Spirit” walk where we sent our Force Spirit out to explore an unknown trail as we sat in Grandfather’s camp. Subsequently after the Force Spirit journey we went out to physically explore the unknown trail. Shockingly we found things along the trail that we had seen during our “Force Spirit” journey. It was just like we had actually walked that trail in the past for it was that clear. We were so amazed, so thrilled that we could barely contain ourselves. This exercise has always been one of my favorites and a major breakthrough along our path of worlds beyond the flesh. It was after that exercise that Grandfather moved onto other areas.

Many years later Grandfather began to teach us the Way of “The Spirit” once again and I have to say that we were thoroughly shocked with the magnitude and power of that renewed teaching. As the months slipped by and the teachings of “The Spirit” intensified we understood why Grandfather had abandoned that teaching earlier. It was just too intense for us to have been able to understand the full ramifications and power of that teaching at an earlier age. I followed the same path that Grandfather had used for us. In the basic Philosophy I Workshop I teach the foundations of “The Spirit” and take the class on that same “Force Spirit” journey that Grandfather led Rick and me on but like Grandfather I then move into other areas. Throughout the Philosophy and Temples workshops I only briefly touch on “The Spirit” meaning “the-Spirit-that-moves-in and through-all-things” but I never venture into the more profound and enlightening uses and applications that Grandfather began teaching later on.

Now for the first time I want to readdress, redefine and greatly expand on “The Spirit” and all of the jaw-dropping uses. To me this Journey into “The Spirit” is the most usable element out of all of the realms of Spirit and Temples of the Soul because it lies so close to our physical world. By expanding on the teachings of “The Spirit” you will find that all other journeys into all the Spiritual and Temple realms becomes more vivid and the results deeper and more complete in all areas of our existence. For you long time Philosophy students this class will fill in the missing pieces and for those of you that are new to the Way of the Spirit you will truly be amazed.

Prerequiste: Philosophy 1

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