".... Awareness is a Power, a Place, a State of Being and a Consciousness -
Most of all it is a Sacred Temple...."

Grandfather - 1962

New Dawn


This is going to be a very unique class in that I’ve never before addressed the subject of what Grandfather said should take place after the “Collapse”. Over the years we talked about how to build a new society, one that lives close to the Earth, Creation and the Creator. He actually gave me a blueprint, so to speak, about how to go about building this new society free from the fretting, striving and slaving that so permeates our society today. No matter what degree of collapse that will ultimately take place this new society, the new but very old set of values, will mark the “new dawning” as Grandfather called defined it. In reality as he ventured into the teachings, techniques and higher consciousness of this new society he had me longing to begin building on what he outlined.

In this class I not only want to discuss and teach the things that Grandfather taught me but I want to take it a step further. I want to reveal to you what we are doing as a Tracker Family to begin the process of finding a place in Central America to begin the process of building that new society. It will be much like the ancient ones followed where there will be a major encampment that lives close to the land with several other encampments surrounding the central area. This way we not only follow the carrying capacity of the land but in fact make it better by healing the Earth. Truly you will be amazed at the insight and planning that Grandfather and the Elders defined so very long ago and how it so perfectly fits with what is happening today.

Prerequiste: None

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