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Grandfather - 1958

Surviving Pandemics and Coronavirus III


So many people have contacted me through emails, texts, letters and from the various chat rooms asking if there is going to be a Pandemics Part III online class and the answer is YES. Both my brother Jim (Dr. Brown) and I logically and spiritually feel that we are in for a horrendous spike in people infected by the corona virus and subsequently the death rates. Because many states are loosening their stay at home restrictions, I feel that people are going to get complacent and that is where the problems are going to begin. I feel strongly that by July we will see the initial spike and then the huge spike will come in September/October time frame. This is when things are going to get very ugly and the unrest in the general population is going to explode into anger, frustration and a general horrific melt down. WARNING; as people begin to venture out and let down their guard you should be doing the opposite. Your awareness should reach to the acute level and stay there. Please don’t get complacent or lazy with this. It is now proven that children are more prone to complications from the corona virus than previously thought.

The Pandemic Part III class is going to take you into areas that I’ve never taught before. There are so many “collapse skills” that Grandfather taught me that deal with all of the elements we will encounter when the inevitable happens. I’ve held back on these skills for decades because it was just not the right time but now, we are fast running out of time. No! We are out of time. The important thing here is that there is no repeat or review of the Pandemics I & II class so I suggest very strongly that you review your notes very thoroughly and do as many of the exercises that you can to get your ready for Part III. My brother Jim is going to be joining us every day for the last hour of the class giving you up to the moment information. The reason for this is that things are going to unravel fast and spiral out of control given the severity of the spike. Yet even though these skills, techniques and elements that Grandfather taught for preparing to face the collapse many if not all of them can be integrated into your everyday lives no matter if you are deep in the jungles of humankind or in the pathless wilderness.

I’m also going to expand on Grandfather’s Visions and Prophecies about the world we will be facing in the next several years. It is also my intention to go deeply into the prophecy of the Elders and Lineage of Grandfather’s people. However, my ambition and vision are not to frighten you but to give you hope and a real sense of confidence in and through the skills that I’ll be teaching. For me, this Part III is going to be a major shift in my teaching and I’m really excited to see how much you can understand and embrace. Remember folks to pray often, keep in touch with each other, take care of each other, please.

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