".... And like the Sacred circle of life, the circle of the unseen, ancient, and eternal, without beginning or ending, is the power of the timeless circle of eternity."

Grandfather - 1964

Surviving Pandemics and Coronavirus II


Because of this nagging feeling that I have to teach more, I have decided to run the second part of the Pandemics online program. This Part II will have no review of the first part but I will expand greatly on the highlights covered in Part 1. I will also go into new techniques both physical and spiritual to keep you and your family safe in the weeks to come. For me the most important part will be what Grandfather foretold of the pandemics to come. It is not just the pandemics that we will be facing for the human race but those that will destroy our livestock and food crops that are even greater concern. Once food runs in short supply or becomes nonexistent that is when we will see unimaginable violence, rioting and random murders. As Grandfather once said, “even our pets will not be immune to the new diseases or will become food for the hungry masses. In this way by doing Part II of the Pandemic online, I will feel satisfied that I’ve covered and taught as much as I can dealing with what we face now and in the future.

The class will begin on Friday May 1st at 5:00 pm and run to 8:00 pm then on Saturday May 2nd from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm and finally end on Sunday May 3rd from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Dr. Jim Brown, will be joining us for the entire last day of the class to take your questions. I may have to do a follow up program in the weeks following the online class depending on fast unfolding circumstances and of course this extra time will be of no cost to you.

Prerequiste: None

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