".... And your heart becomes the bridge, the doorway, the light...."

Grandfather - 1968

The Secret Life Of A Scout


As you’ve noticed by now that our schedule for 2020 doesn’t contain the Scout Class. I know that many of you will be horrified because this will be the first time in well over 30 years that we haven’t held the Scout Class but for good reason. After all of this time and thousands of Students who’ve graduated the Scout Class I wanted to teach something that has been on my mind for decades so that the information, history and Soul of the Scout doesn’t get lost to time. The scope and depth of this class will really become an eye-opener especially as we journey back through history to the early years when the Way of the Scout was in its infancy. This class will so thoroughly round out your understanding of the life and Vision of the Scout that you will forever be amazed at how it all unfolded.

What I’m talking about here and will be teaching in the near future is the Backstory so to speak of all it means to be a Scout, the Vision they collectively followed, their beliefs, their commitment to each other, the aspect of the warrior, the code of ethics, the philosophy, the history, along with so many customs, traditions, ceremonies, stories, training routines, disciplines, the Sacred lineage of the Scout, and the Scout mind of today. Of course, I will be taking you into new teachings and techniques that will enhance that which you already know or take you into areas that you have not yet discovered. Advanced Scouting and raiding techniques will be taught, 40 new man traps, advanced wolverine fighting, expert escape and evasion, tracking and counter tracking, new awareness and observation techniques and tools, Scout Ceremonies, the Scout Workout routine and their work ethics just to mention a few. None of the skills mentioned has ever been taught and I am looking forward to see if you can truly embrace and master all that I’m going to teach you. Think of the class as being the basic Scout Class with all new information on steroids.

Prerequiste: Scout

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