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Grandfather - 1968

Emergency Preparedness


Many years ago, we designed a class that used the Power of the Game and the premise of having people stuck behind enemy lines in a hostile territory and environment. The class was called simply “ESCAPE” and the folks who took the class absolutely loved it and wanted more. At the time the class was overseen by our old instructor Jorge who brought in people who had expertise in firearms, escape and evasion, machinery and vehicles, and many other areas of expertise. These folks helped round out the class and teach people the ways things worked, how make them not work, and how to utilize the machinery of humankind to help facilitate their escape during the most oppressive and dangerous conditions imaginable. The class was truly amazing and it has become the one class that people seem to ask for above all the other possible classes I could teach. Now I’ve decided to bring it back, and not in its old format but newer, better and farther reaching with an emphasis not just on the individual but also on the family and closest friends.

Certainly, there will be the aspects of the old “Escape” class but all of that will tend to take a back seat to the actual hands-on skills that I want to get across. All the teachings will be through the eye, the way and the philosophy and skills of the Scout but you need not to have graduated the Scout Class to enroll. The class will be open to everyone because it is my hope that you will build your confidence and peace of mind as we journey forth to the uncertain years to come. Basically, the more knowledge and skill you have the better your chances for both you and your family to survive and it is through the vast assortment of skills that will build your confidence as a leader, protector, guide, healer and people will feel it within you. There will be little doubt in their mind whom to follow when the times get tough or impossible hopeless for you will exude hope born of knowledge.

As I said, I’ve redesigned and will both teach and oversee all aspects of this very unique and much needed class. I will bring in many experts in various fields to assist me in the teaching, demonstration and execution of the skills so that you have a thorough and complete understanding of each area we are teaching. We will bring you through how vehicles work, how to use them in escape, how to use them as protection, how to avoid being seen by people patrolling in vehicles, jump starting, basic critical mechanics and troubleshooting, off road use and countless other areas will be covered. We will also cover the more advanced forms of the Scout Wolverine Fighting techniques along with the use of various weapons such as knives, swords, axes and hatchets, chains, sticks and lances, firearms of all types and so many more. I will also be getting deep into the more advanced areas of escape and evasion, tracking and counter tracking, movement and stalking, traveling with weapons, concealment and detection, detection of trip wires, land mines and many other devices both manufactured and field improvised. The list of skills is truly staggering so much so that you wonder how I’m going to ever fit it into the span of just one week.

This one class has gotten me so excited that it has almost held my imagination and thoughts hostage with all that I want to do. I know without a doubt that once you graduate this class you will remain forever changed. Your attitude will change, your confidence will soar, and your Spiritual power will take a giant leap skyward. I know that if you had any doubt about yourself and your skills coming into this class, they will be long gone by the time you graduate. Truly this class will take you beyond your personal expectations. Yet with all of this and all the skills I’ve mentioned let’s not forget how to find potable water, food, shelter, invisible fires, traps and trapping, hunting, stalking, camouflage and all the other essentials to your survival from the prospective of a Scout. Again, the class is going to fast become one of your favorites.

Prerequiste: None

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