".... The accumulation of knowledge is not wisdom - only experience turns knowledge into wisdom...."

Grandfather - 1961

Guide To Healing The Earth


Yes, that is the name of the class which bears the exact same name as my new book that is scheduled for publication on November 26th, 2019. Randy and I wrote the book with the underlying theme of what one person could do to help to save the Earth and the children of the Earth. I realized that so many people look at the enormity of the problems we are facing every day as we move closer to the point of utter and devastating collapse and realize how easy it is to become overwhelmed and subsequently do nothing. After all, most people believe that one person can’t really make a difference but you and I both know that this is not the case at all. One person can have such a powerful impact that single handedly they could potentially turn the flock of humankind and begin the Earth healing process.

As we wrote the book, we realized that there was just so much that we had to leave out not only because it would easily create a finished book at least four times longer than we were able to publish but also many of the more Spiritual elements would not sit well with the reading audience. It is with this in mind that the online class for Healing the Earth is based. It is in this class, that we can address and teach all of those things that we had to leave out of the book and thus preserve these teachings. For Randy and I this class will be a blessing because neither of us wanted these very sacred skills and teachings to fall by the wayside, knowing that within their direction and wisdom that the saving of our Sacred Earth Mother is not only possible but probable.

I’ve designed the class to reach both you and your family, from the youngest child to the oldest Grandparent. The skills contained within this class are not only very enlightening but also fun to do and in the process each of us can make a tremendously positive force in saving the Earth and each other. The skills, teachings, techniques and elements found in this class have only been brushed over in the main stream Tracker classes, mainly found only in the Caretaker Class but now available to everyone. I will cover every major category of collapse that we are facing and teach you ways to either slow the process, stop the process, or turn it completely around. No matter if you are young or old this class will bring you hope and bring you closer together as a family that can and will make a major difference.

Prerequiste: None

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