"If you believe everything I'm telling you is true, then you are a fool."

Tom Brown, Jr. - 2010

Hidden Secrets of the Sacred Game


The uniqueness of this class will lay in several areas. First of all, the bulk of it is pre-recorded, centering on the physical class of the Sacred Game and the exercises that went along with the teachings by way of illustration and support. You’ll be able to watch the videos over a span of two weeks, but I think that once you are into the subject matter and watch it unfold, you’re probably going to want to view it all at once. I don’t recommend that because there is just far too much information for you to digest all at once and the exercises have to be followed and performed as with any other online class.

After the initial release of the videos, I’m going to allow two weeks to pass so that everyone has time to work through them and do the exercises. There will be a chat room open for this class during the two weeks for any questions that need quick attention by the Elders or other Tracker staff. At the end of the two weeks I’m going to meet with the class live online to not only answer questions and thoroughly review the teachings, but to also expand on the subjects and introduce new teachings. I’m setting aside two hours for this live broadcast, but given the subject matter it may very well go longer. This class will be open to anyone with a Tracker background, but realize that the more classes you have taken, the deeper and more expansive will be your level of understanding. I hope you can join me for this very unique grand journey into the Hidden Powers of the Sacred Game.

Prerequiste: None

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