".... The power of prayer is unlocked by envisioned words of feeling from the sacred temples heart ...."

Grandfather - 1967

Journey Through Silence


For me this is going to be a very exciting class to teach. Exciting, not only because this will be the first time I will be expanding on the Powers of Silence, but also excited because I know that this will open your eyes and heart to a subject that knows no limitations. Up until this point, having only introduced the Power of Silence a little over a year ago to the Final and Ultimate Oneness Classes, it is now time to take you deeper into the profound and expansive consciousness of Silence in all its forms. In a way, the Silence could be looked at very similar to the Temples of the Soul. Temples meaning plural and not singular. As with the Temples you learn that as you go deeper into the Temples of the Soul you notice areas within evolving where a hidden power and personality is found in each level. Each of those levels of the Temples of the Soul allows you to do something, create something, heal something and so on. With this in mind the Journey through the Silences does a similar thing, but the “thing” they do is shocking because of the scope, power and wisdom that you encounter.

In classes thus far all I’ve been able to teach is that of a general overview of basic Silence and that one doesn’t go to the Silence but becomes the Silence. Now in this class I want to begin to enter the various levels of Silence and how it applies to Healing, the Vision, gazing into the past and futures, body control, communication on all levels of your life from the physical everyday use to the deepest expanses of the Ultimate Silence and everything in between. Here you will find a certain ease in all you do along with an intense insight into life and living, Vision and Healing. I feel strongly that this class is a must for all Keepers and folks fully dedicated to The Vision.

Prerequiste: None

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