".... And your heart becomes the bridge, the doorway, the light...."

Grandfather - 1968

Group Healings


Two questions arise when you read the title of this class. Does this mean the way a group of healers can work together to heal someone or something or does it mean healing a negative riff in a group of people? Well the answer to that question is simply, it is both. Of course, the major part and focus on this class is the various approaches and techniques a group of healers can use to help heal someone who is very sick, lost, searching and/or possessed by darkness. That being said, it is not what you think nor is it anything you’ve learned in the past during a class. The techniques, approaches, formulas and outlines I show you are very new to you and very different. Not only will I teach you the way Grandfather taught me and the way he was taught but I will apply it to our more modern lifestyles and unique set of problems we face today. Here too will I teach the methods used both as a real time group gathering and that of a remote healing where the healers are in various locations and time zones. Even with the most remote and scattered of circumstances there are very powerful ways of bringing a group together and bond them to the Vision at hand.

Of course, I will also address how to heal the riffs and arguments found in any group of healers. No matter how experienced and advanced a group is or has become. No matter if they are a group of Shaman or a group of master Scouts or both, this discord can be found and healed. Yet not only healed but empowered to a point where the group heals, grows, and becomes closer than ever before. Let’s face it, we are facing some very difficult times ahead and a group of healers, visionaries and Shaman can do healings that one person could never do alone far less attempt to do it alone.

Prerequiste: None

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