".... The power of prayer is unlocked by envisioned words of feeling from the sacred temples heart ...."

Grandfather - 1967

Power Of Passion And Inspiration


The fourth and final in the series of Emotional Based classes is the Power of Passion Class. It is a class that journeys deep into the arena and consciousness of self-discovery, what drives, what enlightens us, what moves us and motivates our actions and reactions. It answers the question as to why so many people burn out and turn away so quickly from the Spiritual Journey and Visions in life while others stick to the path no matter what the hardship or odds. The class forces you to look long and hard at yourself, your motives, you’re thinking along with your actions and reactions both planned and spontaneous. It cuts to the heart, the reasons that you so easily stray or run from your own greatness and it uncovers you deeper yearnings, joys, fears and triumphs.

This class is not in any way shape or form some sort of pep talk but a straight forward approach to increasing the power of your Vision, your determination, dedication, commitment and unwavering energy to something greater and more powerful than self. It will awaken you, empower you and teach you to forever avoid the pitfalls that chip away or erode at your thinking and beliefs. Most of all it will get to the heart of your faith and empower it with such energy, drive and commitment that nothing will drive you from your path again. This one grand lesson that Grandfather taught me has done more to keep me focused on my path than anything else he ever taught me. Without this wisdom I would have probably given up long ago but because of it I have learned to work above and beyond all odds, all bad medicine, suffering, criticism, attack and hardship and stay focused on the greater Vision.

Once you learn of these tidal rhythms within, their energy, flow, powers and control all that you do will not only become easier but also miraculous in results and execution.

Prerequiste: None

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