".... Whatever is spiritually manifest becomes physically manifest, provided it is empowered...."

Grandfather - 1958

Healing Personal Negative Emotion


I would feel better having named this class “Healing Personal Negative Emotions in self and in others. In this week long class it is my intent to take you through the power of negative emotions where they are not only a stumbling block and huge setback but also a way toward healing and reaching our fullest potential. I want to teach you in the way that Grandfather taught Rick and me where we found that negative emotion is not so much a bad thing but a necessity in our learning and living process. Without negative emotions to guide us we would never be able to stay on our Visionary path or fully realize our potential as Healers, Visionaries and Shaman. Grandfather taught that negative emotions are not something bad but something that we should embrace, learn from and ultimately master for what they teach us is not only immeasurable but also enlightening as well as a place of sanctuary and safety.
Prerequiste: None

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