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Grandfather - 1958

Sign Tracking for Hunting and Trapping


Coming at the heals of the “Evolution of Vision” online class is another very unique and immensely powerful class of Sign Tracking. As I’ve always said the hardest thing to learn in survival is trapping and baiting followed by primitive hunting. In this very unique class with the sole target of hunting and trapping, I will attempt to spell out and show in detail the ways to read the landscape quickly, accurately and along with that, a selection of the best trapping and hunting locations. Along with an expansion of the various signs you learned in your Standard class, my intent is to expand on each of these sign categories and add more new ones along the way. I also want to get into the art and science of baiting, animal habits, seasonal food variations and preferences while also exploring sickness and starvation diet with ways of immediately improving survival rates for future healthy populations of animals.

This class is very exciting for me because now that I have a feel for what it takes and what the camera is capable of picking up “on remote location”, I can really pour on the information as well as a very detailed visual journey.

Prerequiste: None

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