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Grandfather - 1959

The Evolution of Vision


I know that this sounds like a strange title in many ways for an online class, but what it teaches is not strange at all. Over the past 40 years at the Tracker School and the teachings of Grandfather we have looked into various ways that the Spiritual and Temple worlds communicate with us and also thanks to Malcolm, we have also covered many of the Vision Quests that have been found throughout the world. But when it comes to the most fascinating and powerful way of deep communication especially as it applies to the possible and probable future I have done little to address that very powerful subject. Until now that is.

As Grandfather was teaching me the Way of the Spirit, The Temples of the Soul and of course the vast reality of Prophecy, I had always innocently assumed that the ability to see into the future, both individually and collectively on a global or Earth scale, was some sort of gift a person was born with, much like I figured Grandfather was born with the same gift. After all, being raised in a very Scottish background, I’ve heard of gifted people who could foretell the future said to have the “Second Sight” as many Scotts call it. As you can imagine I was in for a shock when Grandfather began to teach the elements and skills needed to look into the future, not just with wild guessing but with pinpoint accuracy. Yes, at the time Rick and I were thoroughly familiar with the powers of the Eternal Cave and the Veils of the Spiritual Past but we had no idea that there was another route there, a route which proved to be the most powerful and accurate I have ever learned.

As Grandfather taught, it begins with premonition, intuition, gut feeling, instinct, or whatever the untrained call it, but from there it powers its way into more exacting forms of Inner Vision, Sensing Presence, Feeling Radiance and the Felt Sense which is a knowing without knowing how you know. Here now is another way of reaching into not only the probable and possible futures with uncanny accuracy both to time and exact event but also the ability to go into the past equally as easily and accurately.

It is this week-long online class of the Evolution of Vision that takes you into the exact teachings, the ways and the elements Grandfather taught me to use for all Visionary experiences and journeys into the future and also the past. For me it has taken precedence over all other forms of journey because time and again it has proven to be the most powerful and accurate. I also use this Visionary journey to clarify all forms of Inner Vision, Sensing Presence, Feeling Radiance and of course the intensification of the Felt Sense and a firmer foundation of The Knowing. I know this is short notice for many of you but time is moving forward toward the ultimate collapse all too quickly. Hope to see you there because this will forever change your Journey and Vision.

Prerequiste: None

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