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Physical Spirit Session 19


I feel very strongly that it is essential with the Physical Spirit commitment class that we meet again physically for a period of time to further your education. In fact, I feel deeply that it will become essential to your education and your ongoing commitment to this path. Originally, I was going to do another 3-day session as we have done in the past, but felt strongly that an entire 5 days would be needed as there is so very much to do at such an intense level that it could not be accomplished in only 3 days.

I know that there are going to be some of you who can’t make it to this class, and I can’t do anything about that. No manner of extended on line classes can or will replace the techniques and wisdom passed down during the gatherings. Outside of the arena of hands-on learning, there is no way that this can be passed down and along. If you would like to continue Physical Spirit #19, you will still need to register, even though you cannot be here in person. This will not be like every other session. David will be taking the video of the 5-day class in camp. He will need to time to edit the session and once completed you will receive the video/audio for you to view at your convenience. If you are registered for session 19 and cannot come, you will not need to be at your computer during the class. Once registered, I only ask that you email Kelly and let her know whether you will be attending in person or waiting for the video as we will need to know for preparations.

The class will be open only to those of you who are ongoing active members of the Physical Spirit Commitment class. Those who have missed sessions and have not made them up will not be permitted to attend nor continue. Cost of class will be $500 and be held at the Boy Scout Camp. You can arrive to class on Sunday November 7th and class will end on Monday, November 12, 2019.

Prerequiste: Physical Spirit Session 18

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