"To touch is to know"
"To touch is to understand"
"To touch is to live"
"To touch is to be"
"To touch is to heal"

Grandfather - 1958-1965



I feel that this is the best title for this rather unique and inspiring class. The term “magic” is a word Rick and I would use whenever Grandfather would do something that shocked us. Actually, we can’t take credit for using the word for Grandfather was the first to use the term. It happened during one of our first ceremonies where the ceremony was drawing to a close and the central fire was burning down. Suddenly as Grandfather lifted his arms to the sky to close the ceremony the fire flared up to at least 5 times its normal height then went completely out. Of course, Rick and I sat by in jaw dropping amazement. Grandfather looked at us, winked and said, “magic”. From that point on Rick and I used the word to describe anything spiritual that we didn’t understand.

Though this class is based on the concept of what an outsider would call “magic” it is much more than that. The stories I’ve selected to tell during this online class are very carefully chosen so that they will inspire and teach you as they did for me. More than that is I want to teach you how Grandfather used “Magic” just at the right time and just enough to get our attention, leaving us not only spellbound but also yearning for more. In other words, I want to teach you how to use the Magic of the Spirit World to teach and inspire all of those around you. The class runs the one-week format.

Prerequiste: Standard , Philosophy 1

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