".... If the 'end result' is empowered the journey there is empowered.... "

Grandfather - 1961

Prophecy of Human Evolution


Most of you have heard of Grandfather’s Prophecies of the Probable and Possible future of the World, humankind and the Earth but rarely have I mentioned his Prophecy of Human Spiritual Evolution. This Week long format class will be the first of its kind in many ways. More than just a class it will be a discussion, a story and a critical part of Grandfather’s Vision and Prophecy that I’ve never spoken of. Throughout history and even today, Spiritual leaders and Visionaries have spoken of a great Spiritual revolution that could very well save the Earth and it is with this in mind that I want to tell you what Grandfather said and in a big way bring you hope in what looks like to hopeless. This class will run the week-long format from 8 to 10 pm, Monday through Friday and is open to everyone.
Prerequiste: None

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