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Grandfather - 1961

The Stories and Teachings of Grandfather


There is little doubt that you have all heard the stories of “Grandfather and the Fisherman”, “Grandfather and I Took a Walk” and of course “Go Ask the Mice”, but there are countless other stories that I never get to share. Like all of his stories, these unshared and untold stories always have a deeper hidden meaning that often times reaches well into your life years after you heard them told. What is most important to me, is that after you learn and embrace all of their teachings you pass them down to your friends, children and grandchildren so that they too can learn the deeper meanings and teachings in the Way of the Coyote.

After combing through many of my Journals and writings of the past, I’ve found many stories and teachings of Grandfather that I’ve never told. These stories are not just about Grandfather’s life and wandering but also the stories of the way Grandfather taught Rick and me. Except for a rare handful of people from my Coyote Thunder Medicine Society, I’ve never been able to use them in any of my teachings, yet each of them holds tremendous impact, inspiration and wisdom that can be used to discover the deeper worlds of Grandfather, his Vision and the meaning of his life.

This class will run the week-long format from 8 to 10 pm, Monday through Friday but plan on the class to run overtime. This class is open to everyone, from young to old it makes no difference for each of the stories and teaching will reach the individual at a level they can understand.

Prerequiste: None

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