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Grandfather - 1958

Mixing And Compounding Medicinal Herbs


This online class is going to be very unique in many ways in that it will be held in four 5 hour sessions. One session will be in the late spring and the second session will be in the mid fall. This way I will have the ability to use the plants found on the landscapes of the Primitive Camp at the best and most productive times of the year, spring and fall. This class will focus on the identification, collecting, preparing and making the various medicinal teas, tinctures, elixcers, compounds and powders that Grandfather often used as he treated his patients throughout the Pine Barrens. It will focus also on the containers, pottery, parfleches, measuring devices, grinders and other herbal preparation equipment that Grandfather made and used. The intricate and exacting techniques he used would put a modern lab worker to shame such was the quality and personal measurements he would use. In this class I want to pass as many of these elements onto you as humanly possible while using the remote location of the Primitive Camp as the class backdrop. This class will run on June 2nd and 3rd and then again on September 29th and 30th and will run from 12:00 to 5:00 pm.
Prerequiste: None

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