".... You are not what you think, but what you Believe...."

Grandfather - 1958

Overcoming The 7 Personal Demons


Not long ago I ran an online class called Transcending the Demon of Distraction and it turns out that it was one of the most enlightening and powerful classes I’ve ever taught, according to the feedback form the students who took the class. Since that class did so well I thought that I would revisit the scope and concept of that original class and add all 7 Personal Demons as Grandfather called them. Since I’ve already covered the Demon of Distraction I will only lightly review the highlights and move onto the next on the list which is called the Demon of Self Doubt. The rest of these Personal Demons, stumbling blocks, or erroneous thinking and action will be thoroughly covered. You will be surprised as to how many times you’ve been set back or beaten by these Personal Demons and once you know them you can easily defeat them and remove them from your life.
Prerequiste: None

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