".... The power of prayer is unlocked by envisioned words of feeling from the sacred temples heart ...."

Grandfather - 1967

Demon of Distraction Part 2


There is an old soldier of fortune saying that goes; “on the planes of hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who at the dawn of victory lay down to rest and resting they died". For me I just can't sit still for very long and have to be doing something and not just anything but something worthwhile especially as the time is growing short and the collapse is so very close, With that in mind I've wanted to run this class for a very long time, years as a matter of fact and now I finally have the chance.

Grandfather said that the Demon of Distraction is one of the most powerful and hideous demons we will ever face and we have to be acutely aware of how it rears its ugly head in all areas of our life. He told me that in any perceived failure no matter if it is in survival, tracking, awareness, the Way of the Scout, the Way of the Spirit, the Way of the Temples or in anything we attempt to do if we trace that failure back far enough we will find the Demon of Distraction followed by the Demon of self-Doubt. He warned that it was not only found in the way of the Wilderness and in the Temples of Creation but also in our everyday lives. Its influence is the cause of so much failure, pain, anguish and problems that it should become the biggest focus of our lives.

This second class will really give you a wakeup call. I'm not going to teach it the way I normally teach but in the same way Grandfather taught me. He wasn't subtle nor did he candy coat anything but rather he could be very blunt and to the point. He would often tear my heart out so that at times I felt like I was gutted, but he was always right. The truth about oneself can sometimes hurt and hurt deeply. But in the end it will give you a wake up call and a new set of skills and values that will elevate you to mastery and triumph. If you are a sensitive person and don't like upset then don't take this class but if you are ready for a real wake up call that will enlighten and inspire you to higher levels of mastery that please become part of this awakening.

This class will show you the many ways to destroy that Demon no matter how or where it rears its' ugliness.

Prerequiste: Demon of Distraction

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