".... And your heart becomes the bridge, the doorway, the light...."

Grandfather - 1968

Tracker Family Camp

Jul 21 - Jul 27, 2019 | New Jersey | $750

The Tracker Family Camp has been a class or gathering that I’ve wanted to do since the early days of the Tracker School. Please don’t confuse this class/camp with any of the children’s programs run by COTEF because this will be an entirely different approach and teaching. This Family class, I’ve designed so that kids and their parent, parents or caregivers can learn right alongside the kids. Many of the workshops are designed for parents and children to learn together and others are designed so that the parents and children learn at separate locations. All meals will be together as one big family and many activities and exercises are empowering the sense and bonds of family the way the ancients lived it.

This class will cover the basics of survival, awareness and tracking and in some cases a very child oriented doorway to the Spirit. I will teach the basics of healing the Earth and how just one simple act for both old and young can send out a huge concentric ring of positive change. I will also teach knife, fire and general wilderness safety, lost proofing and countless other skills that will stay with both parent and child for the rest of their lives. When need dictates, I will be dividing the children into three separate groups so that they can learn with children their own age but the stress is always the bonding together as a family in a fun playful atmosphere.

I’m looking forward to teaching and overseeing all of the teaching and activities during the program and plan to teach and tell stories around the family campfire every night. Any child from 4 to 17 is welcome to attend and the class is open to all folks interested in leading their children back to the Earth and Family. The cost of the class will be $750 each adult and $100 each per child.

Prerequiste: None

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