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Grandfather - 1968

Apprentice 2018



As Grandfather warned me, and I’ve long expected, the numbers of Apprentices have diminished. I knew without a doubt that this was going to happen and I was well prepared for this to take place. We are all at a point now, especially with the collapse well upon us, that I am forced to combine together the Original Apprentice Medicine Society with the second Apprentice Society. This actually is not a big leap for those of you who are in the second Apprentice Group because from now on with the combined groups/societies all of the information, teachings and techniques will be new and very advanced. No matter what group you belong to you will find that the direction I am now taking is so advanced that all of you will easily understand and master what I am attempting to teach.

Now is the time for us all to lean on each other, help each other and heal each other. Time has run out and these new teachings have to get to you as soon as possible. With the way events are unfolding the future has no guarantee about anything in the near of distant future. With this new combined group we have to come back stronger than ever before for the task and battles that await us are unimaginable. Thank you all for your dedication to Grandfathers’ Vision.

Prerequiste: Apprentice 1 Group 2 , The Apprentice Program

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