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Grandfather - 1964

Fugitive, Missing Person and Forensic Investigation Tracking

Jun 17 - Jun 23, 2018 | New Jersey | $900

Over the years I’ve held several classes on the subject of Tracking and Forensic Investigation but now I want to expand into areas that in the past have been only glanced over or left out of the teachings. In this intense class I want to take you into the realms of tracking teams and strategic operations used for both the lost person and fugitive recovery. The class will cover advanced team dynamics, weapon use and handling, sniper location and avoidance, scan tracking, mapping and trailing, orienteering without modern aids, advanced evidence gathering and interpretation, fugitive take down, and a wealth of advanced tracking and sign tracking techniques used exclusively for man tracking and investigation. The information and teachings are so unique and different that this class will be open to Standard Class graduates and above.
Prerequiste: Standard

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