".... The accumulation of knowledge is not wisdom - only experience turns knowledge into wisdom...."

Grandfather - 1961

War Against The Unimaginable


Every element of Grandfather’s Prophecy will have to be confronted, avoided, neutralized or destroyed in order to survive. Once the collapse of the world gets into full swing the war will last years, possibly even decades, where one can never let down their guard. This mind set is the way the Ancient Scouts once had to live where they trained for the worst, prepared for the worst and expected the worst. As the folks in the Vectors of Affliction discovered, not only will our modern medications fail against the afflictions, but so will most of the ancient herbal medicines and even more shocking even the classic spiritual healings will also fail. When Grandfather conveyed this to me I was sickened and felt as if there was no hope at all for any survival. It was a blessing that that was not the case, for he taught me how to survive all aspects of the collapse.

Basically, this is what this on line class is all about and what it will teach you; in other words what Grandfather taught me. We are so very close to the unimaginable elements of the collapse that it sickens me and I worry that the time is growing far too short. The incidences and circumstances of collapse are all around us every day with no real let up in site. Just in the past 3 months, there have been over 600 major incidences of collateral bloodshed, not to mention the storms, diseases, and all the other elements that we will all have to one day face. One day very soon.

The class will be held this coming Sunday, August 27th and run from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Anyone who has taken a Standard class OR a Philosophy Workshop can join us but it would be better if you had some grasp of Grandfathers’ Way of the Spirit or Temples. Also if you have graduated any of the online classes dealing with the spiritual elements you will be welcome to attend. I really hope and pray that you can join us in this very pivotal class.

Prerequiste: Standard , Philosophy 1

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