".... Most people walk upon the Earth....
The Scout walks within the Earth....
The Scout protects & blesses the Earth with each step....
In return the Earth blesses & sustains the Scout...."

Grandfather - 1960

Transcending Crisis


Given all of the horrific unimaginable things we have gone through in the past few years, both on a global scale and a personal loss, I felt this class so necessary to bring you peace the way Grandfather taught it. The future is not going to be very bright and with each turn we will find setbacks, especially those of you who are seeking the Light. I want to bring you into Grandfather’s world of healing emotion, old wounds, pain, suffering and loss. It is not a class on desensitizing yourself but bringing a greater sense of purpose and awareness into your life that tends to remove the sting of hardship, pain and loss. Except for a few member of my Coyote thunder group I’ve never really taught this before, but all of the Thunder members who learned it told me that it changed their lives and their view of life dramatically. They often find a deep and unexpected peace in the midst of the harshest of setbacks.

The class is open to anyone who is seeking peace, love, joy, and a renewed purpose in life.

Prerequiste: None

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