".... Most people walk upon the Earth....
The Scout walks within the Earth....
The Scout protects & blesses the Earth with each step....
In return the Earth blesses & sustains the Scout...."

Grandfather - 1960

Hunting, Trapping and Baiting Live from the Primitive Camp


A few years ago I did an intensive class shot live from the Primitive Camp dealing with “The Hidden Secrets of Fire” and followed by “The Hidden Secrets of Tracking”. So many of you have requested more “hidden secrets” classes following the live format from the bush or Primitive Camp that I decided to run one of these intensive classes again. I chose the subject of hunting, trapping and baiting because out of all of the skills that you can master in a survival situation, it is that of hunting and trapping. I will cover areas of this class not found in other classes and run an in-depth study of the art of baiting, trap location, and trap invisibility.
Prerequiste: None

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