".... Awareness is a Power, a Place, a State of Being and a Consciousness -
Most of all it is a Sacred Temple...."

Grandfather - 1962

The Balance


The class that I call “The Balance” is just that, the balance between the physical skills of survival, tracking, stalking, camo, traps, hunting etc. and the spiritual elements that are often missing from the making and creating of these skills. As I often say to the class, these skills are very Sacred; a gift from the Creator, and to watch Grandfather working skill was like watching a visible form of prayer being created. So often there is so little time during the physical classes to work in the spiritual aspects of the skills, the finding, the selection and the preparation of materials as well as the making of the final product, the physical prayer found in all skill. One of the many examples of the spiritual and physical elements combined was when long time instructor Matt was able to take a bow blank and carve out a bow, from start to finish without ever using a tillering gage. This is a remarkable feat that few are able to accomplish and only done through the equal balance of physical skill and the direction of the spiritual.

In this class I want to be able to take you through the same physical/spiritual process that all Scouts once used and still use today. Not only will you find the finding and selecting of materials so much easier but that ease will carry through the entire manufacturing process.

Prerequiste: None

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