".... If the 'end result' is empowered the journey there is empowered.... "

Grandfather - 1961

Treating Afflictions


As Grandfather warned, afflictions are not caused by bacteria or virus but by the vast chemical cesspool that we live within and grow stronger with each passing day. Of course that is not to say that bacteria and virus can’t play a deadly role in compounding the affliction because they certainly can and when you have a combination of both or all three, the chances of effective treatment diminishes. Grandfather also warned that not only our modern medications and treatments will be ineffective against the countless afflictions that we will encounter but so too will be the wild medicinal plants. When Grandfather brought Rick and I to this point of utter hopelessness and helplessness, only then did he give us hope. Hope in the way of medicinal plants, oils, soils, clay, mixes and compounds that were not classic medicinal but would have great healing and recuperative properties for afflictions. It is these new herbal mixes and compounds that I want to focus upon in this class.
Prerequiste: None

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