".... Everyone and everything are my teachers...."

Grandfather - 1959

Visions of Warning


Many of you will remember that I stressed and continue to stress, the “Prayer of Warning”, where I asked you sincerely to call to the Creator twice a day that you be warned beforehand of any danger that you or your family may face. Given the feedback of so many of you and the jaw-dropping stories you have told me about being warned well beforehand, I realized that I should take this a step further. Yet it’s not just a step for it is more like a jump and a huge jump at that. As with the Prayer of Warning, once implemented into your daily life you will feel a deep sense of uncertainty, uneasiness, or a feeling that “something is not quite right”. It is then that you surrender, and the origins and cause of the uneasiness will be revealed to you.

The Visions of Warning online class takes this foundation much further where you not only have the early warning and origins of the probable danger, but also how to avoid or prevent it from becoming a major event in your life. The class will take you into the realm of a more disciplined prophecy and interpretation not only for the near future but also for the far-reaching future. It preprograms you to immediately know and assess dangers on all levels, and at all magnitudes that will keep you and your family safe.

I will warn the class from the onset that what you see, feel and encounter on these Visions of Warning journey must be dealt with in a secretive and very tactful way for fear of showing your power and wisdom. Like Grandfather so often warned, “see that no one knows of this, for sometimes the power of our ancient herbs are more powerful than your modern ways.” The accuracy and detail of your predictions and early warnings will become uncanny, accurate and detailed, so much more advanced and stronger than the Prayer of Warning that I’ve been pushing so hard.

Prerequiste: None

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