".... Awareness is a Power, a Place, a State of Being and a Consciousness -
Most of all it is a Sacred Temple...."

Grandfather - 1962

Time Line to Collapse


This class will detail the events and time line that Grandfather defined back in the early sixties. This class goes beyond the time; elements and details that I covered in the past, which was a broad and general overview of events, that Grandfather spoke of. Here with the addition of all of the things that have unfolded, the rapid rate of decline and the arrival of events far earlier than predicted we can move forward with more specific events and the time they will surface.

As Grandfather once said, “the Red Sky will come, but the question is how many people will be there to see it unfold?” That is a statement that hit me in the gut hard. “How many people will be there to see it unfold” is the shocking part of that statement. If things were far better than they are today, than many people will witness the Red Sky but the rate that we are going it looks like there will be relatively few of us left to witness. Disease, starvation, affliction, cannibalism, and wars will kill most of us off, most of us who are unaware, untrained, and those who don’t belong to the Earth will be gone.

I not only want to take you through the step by step time line and events that will unfold at an accelerated pace but also how to prepare yourself and your family. Most of all I want to teach you how you can identify the events that will lead up to the major emergencies of catastrophe. Of course this not only spells out what will happen and how to prepare yourself and your family, but also contain within it’s teachings the safety net and places we will have available to us for escape and protection both in and out of the Tracker community and Family.

Prerequiste: None

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