".... The power of prayer is unlocked by envisioned words of feeling from the sacred temples heart ...."

Grandfather - 1967

Into The Collapse


Rarely have I ever entered the few years prior to the Red Skies Prophecy and rarer still have I ever talked about what will take place beyond that point. This is a very disturbing and upsetting reality that I really have trouble discussing, but yet in those horrific times there are points of light. Light of little campfires found throughout the safe places where songs are still sung, laughter still dances with the night time story flames and joy springs eternal. Even though the Earth is in such twisted, depraved and disease ridden way Grandfather talked of a new hope and a new Vision where people will live closer to the Earth, where wars will be but the myths of old stories and slowly a new order, an ancient society will be rebuilt.

The problem is and the question most often asked is what is it going to take to get to that point? If so will the Earth be a better place because of it? That all depends on what we teach our children now, how we reach them and what we teach them in their relationship between themselves, the Earth and the Creator. It’s bad enough that two thirds of the wildlife of this planet will vanish in the next twenty years and the dawn of the Red Skies is only a little more than a decade away. What we do know will make all the difference and will either insure the survival of humankind or erase it forever from the Earth.

Prerequiste: None

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