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Grandfather - 1959

Reliving Story


I would love to do a class on reliving a story or event and how it became one of the most Sacred gifts that Grandfather ever passed on to me. He called it the Wisdom of Sacred Re-life and in a very short time it became one of those cornerstones in our understanding and wisdom with not just the physical realities but also all that is Spiritual. It helped us understand ourselves far better than we ever imagined and through its Sacred Wisdom we could see so many things that we had consciously overlooked when the actual event or story was taking place.

As many of you know, especially those who have taken the class called the Power of Story, better put; the Powers of Story, which one learns to not retell a story or an event but to relive it. By reliving an event or story, you are not just remembering but actually reliving where you are transported back in space and time to the actual event with all that surrounds it on all levels of our existence and understanding. That way a story becomes real, vital, and alive with authenticity where the teller of the story is actually carried by it as if they were experiencing, reliving it once again. This way of conveying stories and events are so much more powerful and enlightening than telling a story through the cobwebs of memory alone, for it allows us to tap into areas of emotion, sight, sound, and feeling that we could never feel if only remembered. It is here beyond the prejudice and editorializing of memory that we tap into something deeper and more profound; each time relived, entering deeper and deeper realms of understanding and wisdom.

Here is where the Power of Reliving takes a dramatic plunge into the depths of a world we can hardly fathom or identify. You see, when you pay attention to something, you are paying attention to just that. The mind filters out all other distraction but that is not to say that the mind does not hear, see, or remember all that it at first purposely blocked out through concentration. Just because the mind is concentrating on something, fully does not mean that the world around us stops, the wind stops blowing, the birds stop singing, the temperatures rising and falling, this all still takes place, this and so much more. This so much more of it, is all the worlds of Spirit and Force that are also going on around us. By reliving something we can purposely choose to revisit those areas we had overlooked while concentrating and embracing all that we originally filtered out. Once you learn the Wisdom of Reliving, all the stories and events of your life and even the lives of others through their stories, will become whole and complete.

Prerequiste: None

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