"If you believe everything I'm telling you is true, then you are a fool."

Tom Brown, Jr. - 2010

Grandfather's Personal Rituals


This is a very unique class in many ways for it teaches the rituals and personal Ceremony that Grandfather integrated into his daily life. Yet it is much more than that in that it reaches deep into the mind of Grandfather, what drove him so hard, why he chose to follow his Vision even though he had to estrange himself from the people and family he loved so much, how he lived everyday life, his diet and exercise, his discipline, and the deeper driving force that empowered his life well into his 90’s.

We will be entering the deeper worlds of the burial rituals, stream floats, wandering Vision Quests, saturation and emersion, prayers ceremonies, chants and songs that flowed from and through him like the symphony of life that surrounded him. When I say that Grandfather walked as a prayer where each step blessed the Earth, healed the Earth, I will finally reveal to you the deepest reasons and spiritual oneness that was the foundation of all he lived and believed in. Most of all it will be a deeper journey into Grandfathers’ Prophecy and Visions of the probable and possible future not only on a global basis but also on a highly personal and family oriented base. This class will open a huge door for you, and enlightenment, inspiration, and the foundation for a life changing event that will follow you for the rest of your life, forever changed and viewing living and life the way he did.

Prerequiste: Standard , Philosophy 1

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