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Grandfather - 1958

Advanced Primitive Cooking


This has been a long awaited class in that I have not taught the cooking section of the Standard Class in nearly 25 years and have not held an Advanced Primitive Cooking class for 24 years. This class is a big one and very different in many ways. Assisting me with the class will be Frank & Karen Sherwood and we will enter areas that will leave you stunned, not only because of the scope and context of the class but what other information and skill it will contain. Unlike the Primitive Cooking in the Standard Class where we can only cover the same 8 to 10 cooking methods, this class will blow the lid off the numbers of cooking methods that you will learn. We will enter the worlds of primitive cooking as found throughout the world, from basket cooking, modified bark cooking, pottery chamber cooking, oil hollow deep frying along with its 7 other deep frying methods, stick mat cooking, rock oven chambered convection cooking, wrap cooking, bone woven oven cooking, and the list goes on and on and on.

Keep in mind much like the way we approach the wild edible and medicinal preparations, the way something is prepared, and the vessel it is prepared in, makes a huge difference in the taste and texture of the meal. Beyond the cooking aspects of the class, Karen and I will be entering the world of natural spices and flavorings that alone could be the sole format for a week long class. Beyond the spices, flavorings, and herbal mixtures will also come a complete list of recipes, game preparation, and cooking timetables that will add flavor, consistency, and even medicinal qualities to the meal. This class is going to be so intense and far reaching that I’m even inviting representatives from the various Food Channels to come and have a look at what we are doing. As is usual with a class based on experience and not theory, many if not most of what you will learn has never before been taught or written about. This way I am assured that the vast storehouse of Grandfather’s knowledge, wisdom and skill will be passed down for future generations. Hope you can join me because this one is going to be big on skill and wisdom, with the majority of what is learned being hands on experience rather than in lecture workshop form.

Prerequiste: None

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