".... And like the Sacred circle of life, the circle of the unseen, ancient, and eternal, without beginning or ending, is the power of the timeless circle of eternity."

Grandfather - 1964

Combined Radiance Classes


A few months ago I ran several Radiance based classes that I said I would like to bring back together again at a later date to further your education. Up until this point once a class was finished it was over and it saddened me that I would then loose all of those brothers and sisters with all of that experience. Well no more. By taking certain classes such as the Radiance based classes, the Physical Spirits and the Ghost Talkers to name a few, I can continue pushing the upper levels of education and not loose all of the countless experienced students who have worked so long and hard. This is such a class and I expect big things to happen as well as push into the highest levels of education.
Prerequiste: Standard , Philosophy 1

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