".... Everyone and everything are my teachers...."

Grandfather - 1959

Temples of the Soul and the Power of Inner Radiance


This is a new class, designed to bring into the teaching the best of the Temples classes with a focus on the powers of inner Radiance that we all possess. Since the Philosophy III of this past year when I realized that I could teach the Power of Radiance with a great deal of success I’ve focused on the external application of Radiance. Now it is time to move the Power of Radiance inward and into a whole new realm of self discovery, body control & self healing, ultimately integrating these powers into the profound and deep applications of all that is the Temples of the Soul. With this new approach to the Temples and the knowledge of how Grandfather directed inward Radiance to all aspects of life and your healing powers and understanding of all Temple related skills and wisdom will grow in exponents.

*For all students registered, you will receive an Introductory Audio/Video from the original Temples of the Soul and Radiance in order to help you better prepare for the class. You will receive this material by July 1st.

Prerequiste: Standard , Philosophy 1

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