".... The power of prayer is unlocked by envisioned words of feeling from the sacred temples heart ...."

Grandfather - 1967

Advanced Survival and Tracking Online


It is my intent to go into advanced levels of Tracking, Awareness, and Survival that I do not have the time to cover in the main stream Tracker Class format. I want to teach the many things that I have to leave out, where my intent is to teach you to refine and broaden your skills. In all areas, the teachings will be new and very unique, delivered at a faster pace than usual so that I can overload you with techniques and disciplines that will inspire you to mastery. I intend to cover shelter, water, fire, food, tracking, pressure releases of a different nature, as well as awareness and observation techniques I’ve never even mentioned before.

Many of the skills that I want to teach you will be through demonstration, where I can use the tracking box to illustrate a very unique system of tracking pressure releases, or demonstrate to you the various mixes, uses and applications of pitch, from the use on water baskets, to canoe building, to hafting arrow heads to shafts, and countless other applications and uses. These are but a few of the examples that I use to illustrate this very intense way of teaching where demonstration takes major precedence over lecture/workshop.

Prerequiste: Standard

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