".... Most people walk upon the Earth....
The Scout walks within the Earth....
The Scout protects & blesses the Earth with each step....
In return the Earth blesses & sustains the Scout...."

Grandfather - 1960

Permissible Misuse of Power


If you are a graduate of any of the Philosophy Classes, either the physical class or the online class, you will remember that the use of spiritual power comes with some astringent rules as to where, when, and how that power can be used. However, especially in the realms of spirit, these rules can be stretched a bit and in some cases broken depending on the need, mission, or purpose. Consider these to be gray areas in the use of power, using darkness against darkness, where the typical cliche of Karma coming back to those who do wrong can be expedited and further empowered.
Prerequiste: Philosophy 1 , Philosophy 1 Workshop

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