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Grandfather - 1968

The Spheres of Empowered Radiance


There is a very specific and focused element of Radiance that bears its own series of classes, that of Empowered Radiance. Yes a small part of Empowered Radiance will be addressed in the Hidden Secrets of Radiance class but there are so many other applications, powers and teachings of Radiance that I have to cover in that class that I can’t come close to doing Empowered Radiance any justice. This very specific and focused area of Empowered Radiance deals with the higher forms of healing not only of others but also of self. Specifically it allows us to achieve levels of health, awareness, and enlightenment that we never thought possible. The area of Empowered Radiance is so vast and expansive that it necessitates a class all of its own.
Prerequiste: None

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