".... If the 'end result' is empowered the journey there is empowered.... "

Grandfather - 1961

Hidden Secrets of Radiance


Some people have called it the electrical field that surrounds a body, others call it the aura, while others refer it as the proverbial halo, but whatever one calls it, the only word I could arrive at to define this very intense and powerful teaching of Grandfather was the term “Radiance”. Throughout the earliest history of humankind the Radiance, or Aura (a word that Grandfather hated even before it became a cliche), there are pictographs, drawings, carvings, and a rich oral tradition of the “halo effect”. In saying that, throughout the world in ancient cultures, separated by miles and centuries, people would draw or carve religious leaders, shaman and healers with a halo or radiance around their heads, in some cases the entire body. Some people speculate that these halos around the heads might in fact be some sort of space helmet, but Grandfather told us that this is a universal way the ancient people saw their spiritual leaders.

Realizing that the Radiance elements and teachings as applied to the Physical Spirit class will go off in a different direction I felt very strongly, and given the rapid and stunning success of students who have had the initial teaching, that I should attempt to teach a class that solely focuses on the Power of Radiance and see how much I can get across and still have everyone fully understand the potential and limitless power of this little known or used gift. Subsequently I’ve decided to run such a class, online so that it reaches more people, and pushes the limits past what I originally thought possible.

Prerequiste: None

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