".... And like the Sacred circle of life, the circle of the unseen, ancient, and eternal, without beginning or ending, is the power of the timeless circle of eternity."

Grandfather - 1964

Apprentice 1 Group 2


Apprentice II is a very detailed and intense approach into Grandfathers’ most sensitive teaching, Vision, and Prophecy. The class expands all levels of the Tracker School including the physical skills such as Tracking, Awareness, Camouflage, Stalking and Movement, Fire, Shelter, Water and the Gathering of food as well as Medicinal and Edible wild plants, pottery, Philosophy & Temple Journeys and so much more. My approach in the Apprentice classes has always been to take the student deeper into both the physical and spiritual application of not only the physical skills but also the highly spiritual skills and techniques. Even though the Apprentice II will be somewhat similar to the original Apprentice, in many respects the overall focus of the group will be different than the original in many subtle ways. Given the staggering amount of skills that Grandfather taught and the limited amount of time before the collapse, this second and last Apprentice program must take place if we are ever to preserve all that Grandfather taught and lived.

Remember that this Apprentice II group will be teaching and entering areas that I can’t teach in the main stream Tracker Classes. This class will go into deep and intense detail, expanding ones base of knowledge and bringing all those who attend to the point of mastery.

Prerequiste: Standard , Philosophy 1

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