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Grandfather - 1968

10 Day Philosophy 1 and 2


Because of the changes in the Philosophy Classes in general, I’ve found it necessary to combine the original Philosophy I and the Philosophy II class into a new ten day format. One would think that by taking what would have been normally two separate week long classes, and condense them to a ten day format, you would lose something. Actually the class works out to be far more extensive and powerful than the original Philosophy I and II classes.

This course covers the philosophy by which Stalking Wolf lived his life, as well as what he taught to Tom during their 10 years together. While it is based in Native American philosophy, Stalking Wolf found many truths common to all mankind throughout his years of extensive wandering. It is the combination and distillation of these common truths that are covered in this, and subsequent, Philosophy classes.

Building on the base of Philosophy I, this class will further expand your understanding of Grandfathers world, and the importance of working and living within them on a daily basis. Group work and the sharing of results will assist in the formation of your personal belief system and in beginning to recognize how to achieve a better balance between your spiritual and physical minds.

Prerequiste: None

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