".... The accumulation of knowledge is not wisdom - only experience turns knowledge into wisdom...."

Grandfather - 1961

Experimental Class


This class is exactly that. A few years ago, I ran an “Experimental” on line class mainly to see what I could teach through the on line format. We went through tracks and tracking, various discussions and the results allowed me to fully understand the limitations of both the student and the on line format. Now I want to expand that whole concept and take it to the physical level of teaching. Basically, I want to push the limits hard, especially focusing on things that I know can’t be easily taught or taught at all. I want to run the entire list of skills found at the Tracker School from the primitive skills of fire, shelters, water, hunting, trapping, tracking, invisibility, movement in general, cooking, pottery, baskets, fishing, bows, arrows, and the list goes on and on. These skills are not the easy skills, they are advanced and intense, and through that intensity, I want to see what the student can fully understand and master. The results of this class will not only give me guidelines to follow in future classes but also show me what skills and at what level they become impossible to teach.
Prerequiste: Standard

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